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This hologram features large seals which contain 2 sailboats on the water with the horizon visible in the background. Around the top of the seal is the phrase “The Official Seal” and around the bottom is the phrase “The Mark Of Business Trust”. At different angles different parts of the hologram are visible/invisible (see photos).

Simon IDGod is great place to Buy  ID Card Online, Buy Passport Online, Buy Travel Visa Online, Buy Counterfeit Money Online, Buy Drivers License Online, Buy ID hologram Overlay Online, Buy Editable PSD Template, all documents at one place.

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Buy Hologram Overlay Sticker – Buy Fake ID Card, ID cards are a recognised method of proving a person’s identity. ID cards are issued by a variety of organisations such as businesses, colleges & universities and government agencies. If you issue ID cards to your employees, students or volunteers, consider adding an extra layer of security to your cards using a hologram overlay sticker

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