Fargo HDP6600 dual-side Card Printer


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Fargo HDP6600 dual-side Card Printer

Fargo HDP6600 Dual-Side Card Printer; The HidFARGO® HDP6600 From HID Global Is Ideal For Organizations Of Any Size That Need Retransfer Printing Technology To Routinely Issue Secure And Durable, High-Definition IDs Or Cards At High Speeds. As A Cost-Effective, Eco-Friendly, And Reliable Solution, The HDP6600 Provides High-Resolution 600 Dpi Printing Capability For Superior Text And Image Quality.

Designed To Meet The Needs Of Cost- And Efficiency-Conscious Organizations, The HDP6600 Produces Cards At Unprecedented Speeds And Leverages HID Global’s Innovative Wasteless Lamination Technology, Helping Cut Your High Volume Lamination Materials Costs By Up To 40%.

Fargo HDP6600 dual-side Card Printer

The HDP6600 Also Features HID Global’s Patent-Pending ION™ Technology Which Allows The Unit To Reach Optimal Operating Temperature In Under 60 Seconds, Expediting The Retransfer Printing And Lamination Processes. With Built-In Intelligent Temperature Control, The HDP6600 Has Been GreenCircle® Certified As Significantly Reducing Energy Consumption Over Comparable Card Printing And Lamination Systems. This Provides Unmatched Energy Efficiency And Translates To Significant Energy Savings For Larger Projects.

Accepted Card Types;

ABS, Laminated PVC, PET, PETG, proximity, smart and mag stripe cards, optical memory cards

Note: ABS and PVC cards are not recommended for use in the HDP5000 Lamination Module.

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