Blank Window ID Card

Blank Window ID Card, Specific cards for IDs like:
New NY card with UV
Wisconsin card with UV
Virginia card with UV
New FL card
Colorado card with UV
New Hampshire card with UV
PC card for IDs

Polycarbonate cards

Highly durable, yet lightweight, polycarbonate cards are ideal for high-security applications such as government-issued identification cards, driver’s licenses, and smart cards. Manufactured using layers of polycarbonate films, the construction of the card involves a non-adhesive lamination process, fused together using pressure and heat, of which the end result is a single,
solid layer.

The security benefit of this type of construction is that the layers of film cannot be separated without destroying the integrity of the card. This feature can be used for ensuring that the card is not tampered with and can protect against counterfeiting.

The card construction also makes for secure chip embedding for smart cards as the chip is embedded within the multiple layers of
the card.