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Plambing aprentice license

Registering as a Plumbing Apprentice is pretty simple. All you have to do is meet certain basic requirements, fill out a form, and pay a small fee.

Once registered with the TSBPE, an apprentice is allowed to learn, practice, and assist with plumbing work as long as they are directly supervised by a licensed plumber. This means the plumber must be onsite with them at all times unless they are just performing basic manual labor.

Drain Cleaner-Restricted / Drain Cleaner/ Residential Utilities Installer

These registrations allow apprentices privileges they wouldn’t normally have as long as they meet certain qualifications. Although different depending on the registration, these qualifications usually involve a certain amount of hours of experience as well as passing some sort of test.

A Drain Cleaner-Restricted registration gives an apprentice freedom to unclog drains through existing openings/cleanouts without needing a licensed plumber present.

The regular Drain Cleaner registration allows the apprentice to install and alter certain cleanouts (openings) in the course of their work of unclogging stopped drains.

A Residential Utilities Installer registration allows an apprentice to install water and sewer lines in the yard for typical residential homes.

tradesman plumbing license

The Tradesman license is the easiest license to earn that permits the licensee to perform actual plumbing work without the direct supervision of a higher-level license.

The only catch is that Tradesman plumbers can only work on typical residential homes. They cannot work on commercial facilities or multi-family structures like apartment complexes. Of course, even on residential homes, they must still be working under an RMP (Responsible Master Plumber). However, the RMP does not need to be onsite.

Although there are a few caveats to some of the requirements, the typical way a plumber earns this license is by accruing at least 4,000 hours of experience in the plumbing trade, taking multiple approved training courses, and then taking a final examination that is partly practical and partly written.

Journeyman plumbing license

Although many residential service plumbers don’t pursue a higher license because it isn’t necessary for their daily work, the next level of plumbing license available is that of Journeyman Plumber. This license gives the plumber the ability to work on any structure as long as they are still under the oversight of an RMP.

In order to earn the Journeyman License, a total of 8,000 hours of plumbing experience must be accrued as well as additional mandatory classes covering both residential and commercial plumbing codes. As with the Tradesman License, getting a Journeyman License also requires taking a skills/knowledge test.

master plumbing license

Master Plumber” is the license that is the most prestigious. It is also the license that requires the most knowledge and experience. In order to earn a Master’s License, a plumber has to have held the Journeyman license for at least 4 years. They also must pass an advanced examination on plumbing code.

Ironically, the Master License by itself doesn’t give hardly any more privileges than the Journeyman License. That is why many plumbers don’t pursue this license. The main practical benefit to earning the Master’s License is that it opens the door to owning a plumbing company with the addition of the RMP designation (which has a few more requirements).

Outside of that, the biggest reason why plumbers earn this license is for the distinction of the title.